Chinese-German in Wuerzburg

WOHNORT Würzburg
ÜBER MICH nicht angegeben

Region: Würzburg Spricht: Deutsch Sucht: Chinesisch

Hey guys!
I´m Annika, 19 years old and Human-Computer-Interaction (computer science and psychology) student at the University of Wuerzburg. I am going to study in China for a year, beginning next August. I know very basic Chinese (approx. A1), but not too much and I am not very practised at speaking. Therefore I would like to get to know someone I can practise speaking with. I think we should definitely have some things in common as we don´t want our conversations to get boring!;-) I like music a lot, I sing in a choir and play the piano. I also like photography, going scuba diving in the summer, doing yoga, hiking and other stuff you can do in nature like climbing or mountain biking.
So what are you doing here in Wuerzburg? Studying? How old are you, what are your hobbys, just write me something about you! But not too much as we want to have something to talk about;-)
I look forward to hearing from you,