Looking for english / german exchange :)

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Region: Mainz, Frankfurt am Main Spricht: Deutsch Sucht: Englisch

Hi people.

My name is Melanie and I am 27 yeras old.
I am living near Mainz and would like to improve my English. I have been working abroad the last three months as a videogame tester.

I don't drink (don't like the taste) or smoke and I am not really into clubbing or dancing. I am more tomboyish.
My favourite clothes are TShirt and Jeans and I am not into make-up or shopping. I like arcades, board games, going to the cinema, my DS, Wii, iTouch and other little gadgets.
Dexter, Family Guy, Greys Anatomy... are my favourite TV shows.
If anyone wants to learn german and/or can help me with my english please let me know.
I'm on ICQ, facebook, MSN and Skype... Uh that sounds like a geek hehe...